Blanket The City Poster

How do you create a poster that encourages people to donate blankets to the homeless? We made posters out of blankets.

GPP Fitness Strength Training Flyer

Designed like the tear-off tab flyers often found on bulletin boards and telephone poles, this one was printed on sheet metal to emphasize the fact that everyone needs strength training. Featured in the Communication Arts Ad Annual.

Iverson Dental POP

A couple of in-office posters promoting a dentist's teeth whitening services. 

Zoorassic Park 2 Campaign

After a four-year absence, the animatronic dinosaurs returned to Hogle Zoo. The integrated campaign included the POS posters, TV spot, promotional t-shirt and radio spot you see above. 

Insane Delane's Granola Posters

A series of posters for granola with all natural ingredients. We also did the packaging, but I thought the posters worked a little better. Featured in Luerzer's Archive.

Cocoa Metro Bottle Campaign

A type-based POS campaign for Cocoa Metro that was created to mirror the look of the bottle. Included in the Communication Arts Typography Annual and Luerzer's Archive.

Beyond Coastal Exposed Poster

Printed with sun-sensitive ink, this poster was created for sunscreen maker Beyond Coastal to highlight the dangers of overexposure to the sun. Without sunlight, the poster appears completely blank.

Lego Animals at Utah's Hogle Zoo

The Zoo hosted a temporary exhibit of animals made from Lego bricks. Here are the posters, TV spots, an interactive banner ad and a couple of ambient executions that were placed in theater chains throughout the market. The campaign won nine National Addys (four of them gold) and was featured in CA Exhibit.

Conceal Your Cocoa Metro Campaign

Cocoa Metro Belgian chocolate milk is exactly the kind of thing people would steal if they found it unattended in the refrigerator. This campaign offers several helpful ways to hide yours, so it’s there when you want it. Executions that were distributed and/or displayed at food trade shows include fake cartons you can assemble, sticker hang tags and posters that offer some additional unexpected suggestions. The posters were featured in Communication Arts Exhibit.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts Ambient

A couple of ambient ads we created for the Utah Museum of Fine Art's Monet to Picasso exhibit. Since it was one of only four North American tour venues, we wanted to get people's attention. Fortunately, ticket sales far exceeded projections.