Zoorassic Park 2 TV campaign

Part of our integrated campaign for the Zoo.

Another Zoorassic Park 2 t-shirt

Second t-shirt promoting the Zoo's dinosaur exhibit.

Zoorassic Park 2 TV spot

Short spot promoting Zoorassic Park 2.

Zoorassic Park 2 t-shirt

A t-shirt we did for the Zoo's dinosaur exhibit.

Zoorassic Park 2 posters

After a four-year absence, the animatronic dinosaurs have returned to Hogle Zoo. Here are some posters promoting this summer's exhibit.

Insane Delane's Granola posters

A series of posters for granola with all natural ingredients. We also did the packaging, but I thought the posters worked a little better. Featured in Luerzer's Archive 2/15.

Cocoa Metro "Hide" campaign

In a similar vein as the other recent Cocoa Metro stuff, we came up with this campaign as a way to highlight places people might consider concealing their dark drinking chocolate. Featured in Communication Arts Exhibit.

Cocoa Metro Disguise bottle tags

These bottle hang tags come complete with stickers that allow people to disguise their Cocoa Metro bottles and discourage others from helping themselves. 

Cocoa Metro Camouflage Kits

Cocoa Metro Belgian chocolate milk is exactly the kind of product that spouses, family members or roommates would be tempted to steal if they found it in the refrigerator. Hence these camouflage kits. Printed on an appropriately heavy card stock, they allow people to conceal their Cocoa Metro by quickly detaching and assembling the provided cartons. These were given away at food shows to pique interest in the product.