Zoorassic Park 2 Campaign

After a four-year absence, the animated dinosaurs returned to Hogle Zoo. The integrated campaign included the short TV spot, POS posters, promotional t-shirts and radio spot you see above. 

Conceal Your Cocoa Metro Campaign

Cocoa Metro Belgian chocolate milk is exactly the kind of product people would steal if they found it unattended in the refrigerator. This campaign offers several helpful ways to hide yours, so it’s there when you want it. Executions include fake cartons you can assemble, sticker hang tags and POS posters that offer some additional unexpected suggestions. The posters were featured in Communication Arts Exhibit.

Insane Delane's Granola posters

A series of posters for granola with all natural ingredients. We also did the packaging, but I thought the posters worked a little better. Featured in Luerzer's Archive.

Lion Eyes web banner for African Savanna

 In our continuing efforts to make banner ads somewhat more noticeable, we created this one where the eyes of the lion follow the cursor around the page. 

African Savanna billboard

   Outdoor board promoting the African Savanna exhibit at Utah's Hogle Zoo. I know, it's extremely cute.

African Savanna banner ad

Everyone either hates or ignores internet banner ads. Our thought was that maybe the best way to get around this is to have our banner mess with a another ad on the page—getting people's attention while simultaneously endearing the audience to the Zoo. 

CampSaver Explore campaign

To many, the outdoors are like a giant playground. Fortunately, CampSaver's everyday low prices on recreational gear make it easier to explore them. Some might even notice the allusion to the Family Circus cartoon strip where Little Billy would often take a very meandering path rather than go straight home. Same mentality.

MountainStar Orthopedics poster

A poster that demonstrates what their orthopedics department can do for patients. This goes on doors in the hospital. We shot it on our lobby door, because it looked particularly nice there. 

MountainStar ER Flipbook

A flipbook that demonstrates what most people feel like when they go to the ER. Featured in the 2014 Communication Arts Advertising Annual.